Trips and excursions

Another part of the semester at the Udayana are study trips and visits

Study trips and visits

Bali is a beautiful place to explore and Studycon offers sightseeing trips around the island giving you the opportunity to experience the Indonesian culture. We also arrange visits to local companies to help with your course.
Every semester Udayana University organises visits to local companies as a mandatory part of the study programmes, there is no additional cost for these. Such visits take place on weekday and meals are provided. The trips are organised interdisciplinary and offer you the possibility to meet people from other study programmes. Some university teachers offer additional trips upon request by the students, including invitations to local weddings and other celebrations and highlights.


Optional trips

Besides the visits organised by Udayana University, you are of course free to undertake trips with your fellow students and new friends. Bali is a perfect home base from which to explore other places in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Bali itself has many interesting places to visit and a range of activities to participate in such as surfing, learning to scuba dive, visit a coconut or rice plantation and get an insight in to local business practices. Organising your trip and contacting local companies through the university is all part of the experience which you will find fun and extremely satisfying.
Auslandssemester auf Bali in Kooperation mit der Udayana University!