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“The best education for a clever person is found in travel..”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Why study in Bali?

It is the desire of many students from all disciplines to spend time studying overseas whilst at the same time gaining new skills and experiences. At Udayana University not only can you choose your field of interest, intensify your studies and improve your language skills but you will also have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Experiencing different cultures, learning to deal with unexpected situations and solving problems, also at the same time overcoming language differences will greatly increase your potential value to prospective employers. Studying in Bali – is the perfect combination of adventure and study. You can choose the curriculum to suit your personal requirements, make new international friends and enjoy the incredible sights of Southeast Asia as you travel around.

Why is Studycon different from the rest?

One of the main difference is integration, when other German organisations segregate students on a separate campus, we organise study with other international students and also local students. This has the advantages of improving your language and communicational skill at the same time extending your network of global connections. Studycon was founded by former students and alumni of Udayana University who have personally experienced first-hand the challenges and benefits of studying abroad and are keen to share their knowledge with you. It is our goal at Studycon to ensure we meet your individual needs and requirements at the same time making yours a life enriching experience to remember.

Udayana University

The international campus in the city centre of Denpasar is the study base for students of all nationalities to study together. Learn more about Udayana University.

Study Program

Udayana University offers study programmes in various fields including Business ManagementSEA ArchitectureEngineering. The BA and MA courses taught at Udayana University follow the standards and requirements of your home university.


Teaching is done in classes and various excursions, visits, events and lectures give students the opportunity to meet other students studying different core subjects. Learn more about the events outside the class room.

Travel Destinations

Bali offers the perfect base from which to travel to other parts of Southeast Asia. Singapore, Thailand even Australia are all within easy reach.

Studienprogramm Auslandssemester Bali

A semester abroad with Studycon

Studying in Bali – The perfect combination of culture, travel and education at an affordable cost!
Even the semester abroad in Bali at the Udayana University can be financed by BAföG in Germany.
With the ofered various modules for Bachelor and Master degree programs, the semester abroad suit individual reqirements.
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Why study abroad in Bali?

In addition to your professional knowledge you will expand your personal horizons and improve your soft skills.

An idyllic island, famous for its beautiful beaches, breath-taking scenery and tropical climate, Bali is a popular holiday destination for people from all corners of the world. What better environment to spend study time enjoying all Bali has to offer while at the same time broadening your horizons and gaining knowledge and experience.

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Udayana Universität Studium auf Bali
Studieren auf Bali

Study programs

Udayana University offers study programmes in various fields including Business ManagementSEA ArchitectureEngineering. The BA and MA courses taught at Udayana University follow the standards and requirements of your home university. We also offer Summer School at Udayana University.

Choose a programme that matches your personal requirements.

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Application prozess

How to apply in four simple steps:
1.   Complete the online application form
2.   Receive a confirmation from Studycon
3.   Arrange appropriate fees
4.   Become a registered student of Udayana University
Bali Auslandsstudium

What others say about us

Was mich von Anfang an inspiriert hat, war das völlig freie Leben in dieser für mich neuen Kultur. Die Menschen hier sind sehr hilfsbereit, sodass ich mich schnell eingelebt habe. Bali bietet viel Abwechslung.
Annika Klabert, meine Erfahrung
Für mich standen die Studiengebühren und die Anerkennung der Module im Vordergrund! Die Kosten sind sogar zum Teil durch’s BAföG getragen worden.
Martin Fischer, meine Anforderungen
Vor vier Jahren habe ich Bali als Tourist kennengelernt. Mir steht das Semester an der Udayana Universität noch bevor und ich freue mich schon jetzt sehr darauf.
Jan Damann, bald geht's los!
Warum ich ein Auslandssemester auf Bali bei gerade dieser Organisation mache? Für mich war ganz klar die Absicht, möglichst viele Module anerkennen zu lassen. So flexibel funktionierte es nur hier.
Stephanie Franz, Anerkennung der Leistungen!

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