Requirements for studying abroad in Bali

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Apply with the online form.


If you are registered at your home university you can immediately apply for a semester abroad in Bali by completing our online form.

General conditions

Everyone who is registered at a university can participate in our study programmes and as you can see in the descriptions there are different programmes in various subjects. You are also free to choose courses from programmes other than your own, this gives you the flexibility to create an individual curriculum that meets the requirements of your home university.

Previous knowledge required

We recommend you choose a study programme similar to that which you are studying at your home university. In view of the diverse fields of study undertaken by our students, courses are set at an intermediate level. Specific courses are only offered to Bachelor or Master students.

Language skills required

All courses are taught in English, we do not however require any language certificate from you. In addition to your study program Udayana University also offers English language courses if required.
Auslandssemester auf Bali in Kooperation mit der Udayana University!