Why study abroad in Bali?

An idyllic island, famous for its beautiful beaches, breath-taking scenery and tropical climate

Bali is a popular holiday destination for people from all corners of the world. What better environment to spend study time enjoying all Bali has to offer while at the same time broadening your horizons and gaining knowledge and experience.
Increasing numbers of students opt to spend a semester abroad to advance their studies in their chosen field and develop essential life skills vital for their future career.
The booming economy of South-eastern Asia, known as ‘the new generation’ has meant the area is becoming a hugely important player in the global economy. Attracting overseas investment, developers, manufacturing industry and retailers means western companies are eager to recruit employees familiar with the culture, experienced in the social aspects of the area and already well connected professionally with local people and business.
Classes are taught in English and also “Bahasa Indonesia” courses are offered for those who want to stand out from the masses. The courses at Udayana University are held by both local professors and international lecturers from universities such as Melbourne, Singapore and Hongkong for example


Advantages of studying in Bali:

  • Develop specialties in your field
  • Improve your language skills
  • Broaden your life skills and experiences
  • Gain important knowledge of other cultures and societies
  • Make new friends
  • Extend your business and social network
  • Increase your interpersonal skills
Auslandssemester auf Bali in Kooperation mit der Udayana University!